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Where does Europe begin - and where does it end? Does Russia belong to 'Europe'? And if there are no boundaries in Europe - are they possibly located in our heads?

Such questions are addressed while doing European Studies at the University of Bremen. The interdisciplinary BA-programme combines approaches from the disciplines of Political Sciences, Sociology and Cultural History to research on European issues.
However, not only knowledge counts - also intercultural learning is emphasized. Learning an Eastern European language (Russian or Polish) is mandatory, as is a semester abroad. Each year, several excursions are offered, e.g. a visit to the EU-institutions in Bruxelles or an exchange with a russian partner university.

If you are interested, the page About IES provides further information concerning enrollment as well as perspectives after having completed the BA-programme. Guests (or prospective guests), such as Erasmus students visiting the University of Bremen, may find information in the Guest-section.

The full range of information is available on the German version of this site. Current students are asked to proceed to the German version of this site (by clicking on the German flag in the top right corner) to access Service-information such as module descriptions, office hours etc.